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Starting September In Nature!

This year has flown by so fast that I haven’t had much time to enjoy it. I had to take a break and get out and hike. The weather in the Seattle area went crazy over summer when it would normally be a great time for hiking, but when it’s been as hot as it has been and living with autoimmune issues, the heat is a no go for me to be hiking. I tend to get out and enjoy myself and not realize my body is telling me that it’s about to take me down until it’s too late which is bad when you are out in areas on your own.

So after 20 months of not taking a vacation, I decided to take a week off and try to get out to the trails as much as I could, but as luck would have it, I got sick when my vacation was supposed to start, though maybe I had caught covid again. I pressed paused on vacation to get tested and rest. Thankfully it wasn’t covid again, but… I didn’t realize that it was my autoimmune flaring up with new symptoms I haven’t had with it before. Oh, the joys of autoimmune and daily living. I am used to being on the move, but over the past two years, not as much. Partly of course being the current situation with the pandemic and knowing I am one who has to follow a more strict regime.

I finally made it back out to trails this week, hadn’t had a real chance since late June to get on a mountain trail. My last was Mount Saint Helens for a day hike during one of the heat waves at the end of June. Luckily it was only 70 while I was up there but in the upper 80s at the lower levels off the I5 corridor. Since then it has only been local jaunts in the many trails around the great Seattle area for quick hikes.

I popped up to Mount Rainier this week ahead of the crazy holiday travelers that will be covering the mountain and crowding the trails. That is not a fun hike to me, I prefer to actually hear nature to crowds of people talking and getting too close on the trail. So midweek it was as I decided to take up Skyline Trail and visit a few other locations around the Paradise area before heading over to the Chinook Pass direction to see the sunset from Lake Tipsoo.

Mount Rainier decided to hide most of the day under a layer of clouds, only peaking through partially all day. But as I got on the Sunrise side of the mountain, the clouds were not covering the view! She tried to hide, but I finally saw her glory!

There was a line of photographers out trying to catch a sunset from this location. The smoke in the air from the wildfires added some orange to the sky too. It’s a great spot for both sunrise and sunset shots as well as late-night astrophotography if you happen to live locally in the area or are coming out for a visit. Make sure to have warm clothing overnight. The temps drop quickly after the sunsets.

Of course, as I hike I also take a camera with me to get nature photos to enjoy and share. Today I give you a beautiful sunset of Mount Rainier overlooking Lake Tipsoo. Get out and enjoy nature where ever you live!